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This method has existed in the United States for some time. It has more recently been introduced to the UK.  This method utilizes an ultra-sonic wave that generates heat within the bond by a “vibration” of sorts.  


This sytem allows the stylist to mold the bond into a “flat” bond formation with the same strength and precision of the original.  


This method, I have found, is not as well suited for all fine hair types. Nor it is recommended for those with very curly hair. But this system provides a change from the feeling of “rice grains” at the attachment site, in fact you cannot really feel them at all!.


And, where as the original provides volume, this method produces a more sleek, less vouminous application which flows very naturally in continuous panels.


So, The same hair, the same bond, the only things that change are the machine and the formation of the bond. The best way to judge which will suit your needs is a consultation with your stylist.



There are even cases where it is beneficial to use both in one application, such as panelled highlights within a classic application.

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