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Colour can be life changing, as well as brightening up your hair, it can brighten up your personality, life and give you confidence. Our thorough colour consultation covers a client’s lifestyle, skin colour, hair type, personal style, budget and haircut so that the best results can be acheived. Whether you want to go for the most vibrant colours around or a subtle tone, our colour specialists will give you a full consultation to work out the best colour for your needs.

Full Head Highlights:

Who – Dull blondes

How – Foils placed throughout the hair

Benefits – Lightens and brightens your look

Maintenance – Every 3 – 4 months


Half Head Highlights:

Who – Dull blondes or in-between full head highlight clients

How – Foils placed through top and side sections of head only

Benefits – Lighten, brighten look, less commitment

Maintenance – Every 2 – 3 months


Full Head Tint:

Who – Clients with 40% phase grey / Colour commitment clients

How – Colour applied through roots, lengths and ends

Benefits – Hide grey, change natural colour (lighter / darker)

Maintenance – Every 4 – 6 weeks


Semi Permanent:

Who – Little to no commitment colour clients

How – Colour applied throughout hair

Benefits – Enhance or change tone, go darker

Maintenance – 15 / 20 shampoos


Colour Toner:

Who – Full head bleach or highlight clients

How – Apply on wet hair before styling

Benefits – Reduces yellow brassy tones

Maintenance – Between bleach applications or highlights


Colour Correction:

Who – Blonde to dark, dark to blonde. For clients wanting to change depth / tone that have previous hair colour

How – Depending on end result and hair condition

Benefits – You can have that new colour in time

Maintenance - Once target shade reached, every 4 – 6 weeks


Glossy, long-lasting and stunning colour results can be achieved every time because we combine the best in technical products with the extensive knowledge of our technical stylists.