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Introducing Flowstrands - hair extensions that use two colours combined into one strand to create a stunning colour block effect.


So what are the benefits of Flowstrands?


   Truly sensational colour effects

   Flowing transitions

   No bleach/dye or colouring required

   Instant transformation


Flowstrands produce a very modern effect which emulates the two tonal dip-dye hair colour effect which has become very popular amongst the celebrity set, with A-listers such as Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung taking on this trend.


With these flowing transitions, Flowstrands add a totally new dimension to the subject of hair colour.


Due to the colour graduation, from a natural, dark shade to a lighter colour in the lower half of the strand on our base shade range, they can be beautifully integrated into the natural hair.


A variety of styles can be created whether it is a sharp colour block where the hair is obviously dyed or a more subtle dip to create a gradual hue in the hair. Curling the strands gives a natural effect as the colours are intertwined and blend more subtly.


In the salon, it can take hours to achieve these colour effects using conventional colouring techniques, which can result in dry damaged ends or an uneven colour.


With Flowstrands, hair can be instantly transformed without any of these associated risks and can give repeatedly coloured hair time to regenerate while you return to your natural colour

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