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Ask the expert – Janthea Lynch


At Great Lengths, we pride ourselves on expert training and advice to make sure that our salons and stylists can deliver fantastic client results over and over again. In our very first expert Q&A, Janthea Lynch, owner of Gold standard Great Lengths salon, Biyoshi talks about her experience using extensions…


Tell us a bit about you, your experience and your salon

I’m Janthea Lynch and I own the Biyoshi salon in central Glasgow. As one of the first people in the city to offer hair extensions I have over 25 years’ application experience, and all of my stylists at Biyoshi are fully trained Great Lengths extensionists.


I’ve worked with many celebrities over the years creating amazing hairstyles for TV and stage, as well as creating looks for fashion shows and photographic work. Recently I’ve been working on a lot of projects for theatre, crafting hairpieces and headdresses using Great Lengths hair.

Why do you use extensions?

Hair extensions are so versatile; they allow the Biyoshi team to create endless new looks, giving us the ability to enhance any client hairstyle.


When did you start using Great Lengths? 

I’ve worked with a number of different brands in the past, but I’ve been using Great Lengths extensions for 16 years now.


Do you think that hair extensions are now about more than just having longer hair?

Hair extensions are not just about adding length, they can be used for so much more. They allow clients to change their colour without the use of chemicals, and add thickness and volume to their style. I now also use them for creating bespoke headdresses and hairpieces, as well as enhancing wigs for clients.

What’s the most common question you get asked about extensions?

The most common question I get asked is ‘will the extensions ruin my hair?’ – the answer is of course, no. As long as your extensions are maintained on a regular basis and removed properly by a trained extensionist you will always have amazing looking hair. We have clients who have been getting Great Lengths extensions for 16 years and still love them!


Before any client has Great Lengths applied, we offer a free consultation where one of our fully trained extensionists talks through the complete process, including advice on the best maintenance and upkeep for their extensions.


What do you think is the next big trend for hair extensions and enhancements?

I think the new Great Lengths Fastrack service and extensions are fabulous! They’re a great way to add volume or colour as they can be applied so quickly and are ideal for people looking for long or thick hair on a less permanent basis. I also think they’re a great tool for photo shoots and shows


Meet the Expert...

Janthea Lynch: Owner at Biyoshi, Glasgow



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